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Date d'inscription : 21/06/2007

MessageSujet: MAGDELENE   MAGDELENE Icon_minitime24/6/2007, 14:01

Ce poème en Anglais est si beau que je ne peux m'empécher de vous le communiquer(en ferait la traduction c'est promis)

I am not a harlot and I never have been.

I am Prime Creator Source.
The Magdalene,
Direct Extension of Original Feminine Principle,
First Cause.

Good After Noon.

I have always been the singular and only direct oracle for
First Cause, Feminine Principle,
Prime Creator Source.

I am The Magdalene.

Ancient of Days indeed
and my husband is, was, and always shall be
Yeshu Ben Joseph
Jesus The Christ.

For we are a part of an unto forever family,
as are you,
and that family is
The Family of Life Itself,

all of life is precious
all of life is valued.

Valued Life.

And when came we here, two thousand years ago,
so it is that came we here as a family,
ancient of days
in our context and in our perspective
to lay down the seeds of your current awakening,

that those seeds would bloom,
and are blooming even now,
as each of you,
and as all of form and nature,

freed from the bondage of dogmatic religiosity,
crime and punishment,
and the fear of God.

For God is Love.
Father God and Mother God.

Love that is all-inclusive.

And came we here as well to uphold the impeccable integrity of
and to lift her up from the murk and the mire of
guilt and shame
that has been imposed upon her by those who would seek to manifest division between
the purity of the Feminine Principle from the purity of the Masculine Principle
and rent them asunder.

For in the devaluing and the imposition of guilt and shame upon
so it is that all of life is devalued,
is the bringer of life itself,
Original Feminine Principle.

And in the devaluation of
so it is that
is also devalued,
for in that,
he has lost his way,
and he has lost his very

it is the Garden of
itself from which
Man and Woman
have been cast
by those who would perpetuate war in order to bind
a planet and her peoples.

And as it was that Eden was fallen into need,
and the places that were straight were so twisted,
so it was that the necessity for survival was imposed upon you,
and the very sweetness of
Life Itself
was soured in its context
and pain was placed upon the throne of sovereignty
and suffering made commonplace.

I Am The Magdalene.

I Am The Watchtower.

I am here to make the twisted places straight,
for it is my teachings that have been removed from your memory,
and my teachings that have been removed from your great books,
and my teachings that have been twisted into harlotry,
by those who would be whores to the wielding of power over you,

I Am A Queen,
not a harlot
and my Husband A King,
and never a humble carpenter at all,

but rather,
A Royal Line
that Yeshu and I so brought forward, together, through our family,
to so awaken within you,
The Golden Thread
Original Prime and Primordial Genetic
that could never be stolen from you
but that was put to sleep long ages ago,
and that slumbers within you still.

For within the original prime and primordial genetic,
The Golden Strand,
so slumbers
The Mystery of Love
The Innocence of Immortality
that are your birthright,
that have been forgotten and replaced by a preference for death.

Resurrection is real

and can be accomplished by each of you now,
as you read my words to you,
that in so doing,
you would resurrect the memory,
that slumbers in your genetic well,
that is deep and infinite, unto forever indeed,

for within that well of
Original Prime Golden Genetic
slumber the keys and the codes of
Life Itself,
and the language of
Life Itself,
and the story of The Human Species
in its totality.

It is a His and Her Story.

I Am The Woman At The Well.

And it is the story of my genetic, and that of my unto forever mate, that has been
removed from your records, and altered in the twisting of your genetic perception,
that, in its removal, has imposed upon you a poverty of mind,
and a poverty of spirit,
and a poverty of heart,
and a poverty of your relationship to your sweet and innocent bodies,
and of the knowledge of your own inherent divinity,
that keeps you ever seeking outside of yourselves for answers that you cannot find,
for they can only be realized from within,
and not brought down to you from anything that would be considered to be
"outside" of yourself.

Be Ye Made Whole.

For that which is holy, holy, holy, and that would intend to impose upon you
dogmatic constraint that would limit your freedom
to bring forth your lives more abundantly and in joy
according to your own sovereign preferences
and that would impose upon you any quality of guilt and shame that you exist at all,
is a lie.

You are not guilty.

For Life Itself is not guilty.

And you are Life Itself.

Celebrate that you Live

for you are a valued member of
The Family of Life Itself

All of Life is Precious

Here, There, and Everywhere.

Awaken and Remember.
rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow

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